Indian DJ wedding holds vast experience of many years, of happily satisfied clients. We work with our full dedication and passion for making our client’s wedding a memorable one with our DJ expertise

Let us take you to one of our client’s destination wedding and show you how we stunned everyone and made our client’s big day a memorizing one with our services.

Our clients William and Emily decided to go for a destination wedding in The Sterling Castle, Alabama which is famous for its fairytale and beautiful structure of the castle. For this purpose, they appointed us for the services of DJ for their big day. From here starts a beautiful tale of magic and fun. On the wedding day, as soon as the guests started arriving, the venue was filled with extreme happiness and excitement. Everyone was excited to see how a dream destination wedding looks like! At the beginning of the ceremony, our DJ played a classical soft music combined with a touch of different light instrumental poems for the entrance of Emily to create a fairytale moment which started from the entrance of her bridesmaid in the aisle before her. OurDJ continued playing the blend of classical, romantic and fantasizing music till the couple finished the vows, swapped rings and kissed each other as spouses!

The level of excitement and happiness of the guests levelled up after the ceremony and it was time for the party! And the DJs of Indian DJ wedding were prepared for that. We have discussed earlier the lists of songs our couple wanted for their wedding and that is what resulted in every single guest enjoyed the big day of William and Emil. Our DJ started with a piece of exciting party music which grabbed the attention of the crowd and they began to clap and shout with extreme energy and excitement for what’s coming next. The party began with the dance of power couple for which our DJ played “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and the wedding venue was all filled up with romance and love. After the mesmerizing couple dance, our DJ started to play for the guests because we always cover and play for everyone in wedding events, irrespective of the age and gender, our DJ played a list of music which forced everyone to dance and enjoy the moment.

As the ceremony proceeded and the dinner was served, the DJ played soft music for that time period to give an impression of the lovely pleasurable environment. After that, it was time for toasts, cake cutting ceremony and dance for which we already had a list of music. Everything went great and our DJ team gave their one hundred per cent in all the things. They played a blend of tunes and music including a touch of hip-hop music, pops from the 2000s and other instruments which shifted everyone from their seats to the dance floor with full energy and enthusiasm and in no time, the dance floor was filled with guests while the seats were empty. Indian DJ wedding with its team played all the hits which were loved not only by our couple but by the guests as well. A wedding is not complete just with good photographs and good meals, it’s the music that keeps the spirit of a wedding alive! We work and design our music list with our clients first to make sure that they enjoy their big day with many memories not only for them but for their guests too and we did the same with our couple William and Emily by maintaining the
excitement and joy throughout the event which proved every single guest enjoying the beats till the end of the ceremony with wide smiles on everyone’s faces!